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Use this site to locate your certificate(s) of completion from NPMA or QualityPro earned prior to 2019. This includes the NPMA Food Processing & Handling, QualityPro, and GreenPro exams.

Certificates earned after 2019 are available in the certificates section of your account at NPMATraining.org

Search using your first and/or last name as they appeared on your original certificate.

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For questions about QualityPro, contact us at QualityPro@pestworld.org

For questions about NPMA online training or the NPMA Pest Management in Food Processing & Handling Facilities Exam, contact us at training@pestworld.org

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About QualityPro

QualityPro accredits and certifies pest management companies and their services using a set of comprehensive standards significantly superior to national and state/provincial regulations. The standards are based on four key principles relating to how companies do business in the fields of business operations, environmental stewardship, consumer relations and employee education. Learn more about the standards and how QualityPro can help your business at www.npmaqualitypro.org.

The certificates generated on this site can help your company earn and maintain QualityPro accreditation. If a salesman/technician has taken and passed the QualityPro examination, credit for the examination is transferable between employers.

To access QualityPro exams and online training from the National Pest Management Association, visit www.npmatraining.org.