About QualityPro Schools

QualityPro Schools is an additional certification available to pest management companies that are QualityPro Accredited. Through additional testing and training, your company can show its commitment to excellence as it relates to service in schools and educational facilities. Your customers can feel confident that the technician sent to service their school is well qualified and equipped to provide a comprehensive service in a sensitive environment. 

Prior to application to QualityPro Schools, your company must first be QualityPro Accredited. Click here to apply for both credentials.

If you are QualityPro Accredited and would like to apply to the QualityPro Schools program, please complete the following application form. There is an additional $100 fee for QualityPro companies to earn QualityPro Schools. Upon application to the program we will provide you with access to the QualityPro Schools testing and training manual and program resources.

Only management level employees may use this contact. For all others, please direct your questions to qualitypro@pestworld.org.



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