About The Standards

The QualityPro accreditation standards are set by the Board of Directors with the help of experts in each field of qualification. Based on four pillars, the standards relate to how companies do business in the field of Business Operations, Environmental Stewardship, Consumer Relations and Employee Education.

In an effort to ensure that QualityPro companies have access to the latest information and uphold the integrity of the program, these standards are continually monitored and enhanced as needed.

Current versions:
US: Version 5.0 (last updated July 1, 2018)
Canada: Version 2.0 (last updated November 15, 2015)

To be accredited by QualityPro, companies must meet these standards in their entirety.

Program audits are conducted each year on 10% of QualityPro companies and as necessary as outlined in the program bylaws.


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