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American Pest

American Pest has been QualityPro accredited since 2005.

How did you get started in the pest management industry?

I joke that I was born into it. My dad is a graduate entomologist, so I grew up looking at bugs! It was natural for me to follow his footsteps into the pest management industry.

What is the guiding principal behind your success with your organization?

People - those that work for our company and how we treat the "people" that are our customers.

In your opinion, what makes the pest management industry different from other industries?

I've been told it's the caring and sharing we have for each other. If you are a genuine person that is trying to do the right thing and compete in a fair way, this industry will embrace you and help you.

Why did your company choose to earn the QualityPro certification?

We were planning to grow and we needed to be professionals on the HR front in order to achieve our goals.

Overall, what do you think the most valuable aspect of QualityPro is to your company?

Having guidelines that we consider to be best practices for our industry. This helps us to push ourselves to be the best.

What’s your forecast for the industry in the next 5 years?

I think it will continue to be a great place to be! There are great people in this industry that care about people and the service we provide to our community. We also have a strong business model that will continue to provide for all of those involved.

-Matt Nixon
CEO, American Pest