Benefits of QualityPro

Professionalism Pays

More than 70 percent of the revenues generated in the pest management industry can be attributed to accredited companies. QualityPro accredited companies are doing something right! By committing to the highest standards in professional pest management, these companies have a definitive edge against the competition and greater opportunities to grow.

Simply applying to become QualityPro accredited gains a company access to the resources needed to meet most of the QualityPro standards and prove its professionalism. QualityPro will work with companies to help them meet the QualityPro standards by providing a training manual containing sample materials and practice exam questions, as well as hiring forms, model policies and fleet management resources on

Once approved, QualityPro accredited companies are given access to additional resources. The entire QualityPro package is valued at more than $15,000. This includes:

  • QualityPro Manager Training
  • Sample bid letters sent on a company’s behalf to potential clients
  • An HR program template (hiring practices, background checks, drug testing, etc.)
  • Toolboxes for OSHA, fleet management and digital marketing
  • Logos to use on websites, vehicles, uniforms and promotional materials
  • A video about QualityPro that can be customized with a company's name
  • Recognition on the Find-a-Pro locator on

Additionally, QualityPro accredited companies are eligible for additional service certifications: GreenProQualityPro SchoolsQualityPro Food Safety and QualityPro Public Health, which help companies further demonstrate their commitment to providing quality services.

Beyond these tangible benefits, QualityPro accreditation is a point of pride and reason for trust among employees. Hiring right and training correctly under the guidance of QualityPro can go a long way!