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Companies become QualityPro accredited after meeting 18 standards for professionalism that exceed mandated state and federal requirements, such as conducting background checks on all employees and maintaining a drug free in the workplace policy. Earned by less than 3 percent of companies in the United States, the QualityPro designation demonstrates a commitment to excellence and provides consumers protection and confidence when selecting a nationally accredited company. View the full standards here.

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To become QualityPro accredited, a company must certify that it:

  • Has been in business for at least two years*
  • Has job applicants complete an application
  • Conducts interviews before hiring
  • Checks references
  • Conducts criminal background checks when appropriate and permitted under applicable law
  • Conducts motor vehicle records checks when appropriate
  • Has a drug free in the workplace policy
  • Meets minimum insurance policy requirements
  • Meets QualityPro company service vehicle standards
  • Has a standard dress policy
  • Has an on-the-job safety policy
  • Complies with I-9 requirements
  • Has an employee handbook (for companies of 2 or more employees)
  • Advertises according to QualityPro standards
  • Has a termite warranty/service agreement that meets requirements
  • Has a customer communications policy
  • Ensures employees are tested and trained to the highest industry standards
  • Uses an IPM approach to service
  • Practices proper pesticide handling
  • Has ensured that technicians and sales employees pass the QualityPro exam
  • Agrees to periodic audits ensuring adherence to QualityPro guidelines

* A company that has not been in business for two years may pay a one-time application fee to gain access to the QualityPro resources

QualityPro Application Process

Follow this simple four-step process to become nationally accredited through QualityPro. Even if your company is not yet meeting the standards, we encourage you to apply. The resources available to companies in the application phase are designed to make accreditation attainable for any size company.

  1. Complete the application here or call QualityPro to apply over the phone: 703-352-6762.
  2. Upon receipt of the application and payment, QualityPro will send the applicant an e-mail with immediate access to all the QualityPro resources with the exception of branding. In the mail, the applicant will receive hard copies of resources, the Accreditation Handbook, and an exam study guide. Access to these resources is valued at over $10,000.
  3. Applicants work through steps using an easy-to-use system called Certemy. The default application period is 6 months. Want to preview the process? Sign up for our test credential in Certemy here.
  4. Once accredited, the company will receive a printed certificate, gain access to exclusive marketing collateral and be eligible to earn additional service certifications.

Are you just starting your company? QualityPro resources can help you build on a strong foundation. Any pest control company that has been in business for less than two years can apply and gain access to QualityPro resources at qualityprotools.org. This one-time fee will also serve as the application fee once the two-year anniversary has been reached. Once the company has been in business for two years, accreditation must be earned within six months to continue to access to the resources.

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