QualityPro Audits

Each year, QualityPro randomly selects 10 percent of accredited companies to participate in an audit. The goal of the audit is to ensure that accredited companies remain in compliance with the current QualityPro standards and to give selected companies the opportunity to work directly with QualityPro to maximize their utilization of the program.

The audit notifications are mailed to selected companies towards the end of the year. Companies have 60 business days to respond from receipt of the letter via their Certemy account.

The integrity of the QualityPro accreditation is maintained in four ways:

  1. At each renewal, accredited companies send a signed affidavit along with their payment. The affidavit affirms that the company is in compliance with the current QualityPro standards.
  2. Every year, 10% of accredited companies are randomly selected for an audit. Selected companies are asked to supply evidence that demonstrates compliance with the current QualityPro standards.
  3. A grievance procedure is in place (detailed in the Bylaws). When a complaint is received, both the reporting company and the reported company receive audits. The reporting company remains anonymous.
  4. Per the Bylaws: QualityPro may audit the records of companies and request information to ensure compliance with the professional standards of QualityPro.

QualityPro shall not have access to any records other than those necessary to assure compliance with the program. All information obtained during the audit procedure shall be kept confidential.